Anyone who is involved in farming operations knows that the work doesn’t end once the products like grain and waste have been collected. Getting them from their mode of transport (be it a truck bed or a grain cart) remains half the battle. Auger conveyors (aka screw conveyors) are designed to make this aspect of agriculture easier.

Falcon Industries is poised to meet the many feed screw and auger conveyor needs of the agriculture market. Our agricultural customers turn to our screw augers to help them with tasks ranging from conveying material to spreading product and dewatering waste. 

The high quality auger conveyors we offer provide the ultimate in reliability, durability and long lifespan. Contact Falcon Industries to discuss how we can help with your agricultural application needs.

Agriculture Applications:

  • Grain Bag Storage
  • Feed Screws
  • Silo Unloaders
  • Manure Dewatering
  • Post Hole Diggers