Shaftless flight is heavier gauge helicoid flight that is produced to outside diameter and pitch specifications with an open center. This product works well when moving sticky products and large sized lumps. The shaftless flighting often lies inside of a trough and is driven from one end by a flange or stub shaft. The other end may be open or attached to a stub shaft or mounting flange. The advantages include no intermediate bearings, no center pipe, lower maintenance costs, longer life, and increased screw capacity.

We produce shaftless flight from a single bar or with an “inner and outer” flight construction consisting of multiple bars of ‘stacked’ flight. The flight is manufactured with two, three or more individual bars or a combination of helicoid and sectional flight. This offers added cross section, strength and stiffening to the flight. The multiple bars can be of different thickness and height or even different material such as a carbon steel inner flight and abrasion resistant outer flight, offering cost savings.

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