Speed, Customer Service and Energy Savings – Recently, a customer contacted several flighting manufacturers with a new application for sectional flight needed in a hurry. The customer had crudely made parts in his machine shop to prototype a alternative energy powered pond aerator and unexpectedly became deluged with orders. Falcon had samples to him for approval before others even responded with questions or quotes. In this application, the customer estimates that the uniformity and smoothness of the Falcon-produced sectional flighting have resulted in 12-15% energy savings. This is significant in the performance of his product. Imagine what Falcon quality can do for your applications.

Value Engineering – A major brewing company needed to replace several 19’-long fabricated stainless steel screws with ribbon flighting offset from the shaft. Due to lack of accurate drawings, they sent a used screw for Falcon to match. Falcon’s production engineers recommended several changes, including producing the flight with integral spokes to strengthen the completed screw and reduce the cost of the part. The completed screws are installed and working well. Falcon routinely does this sort of value engineering for small and large companies. Let us look at your screw project to see how we can help you.


Design Assistance – Four different fabricators contacted Falcon Industries, Inc. with their individual suggestions for fabrication of a potash slowdown chute as part of a major construction project. Working with the Project Engineer to consider ultimate project requirements and manufacturing capability, Falcon’s engineers helped develop the final specs and produced flight for the chute with 72" pitch. Contact Falcon for your unique project needs FIRST!


Finishing - Falcon is a major source of stainless screw assemblies polished to CEMA-IV for applications in the chemical and food processing industries. Sizes have ranged from 2-44" OD in lengths to 16 feet.


Material and Length - A customer in steel wire and spring fabrication needed 24-foot long screw assemblies of a nickel-iron-chromium alloy for conveying bars through a 2000-degree heating furnace. Falcon developed sources for shafts and plate in the needed length and has produced several shipments of screws to the necessary T.I.R. with non-accumulating pitch for this application.


OD Tolerances - The power industry needed screws with extremely tight OD tolerances to prevent backfiring when feeding powdered coal into combustion chambers at coal-fired power plants. Falcon routinely produces these 16-foot long screws having a 12" OD with no failures.


Alternate Materials - Suppliers to the automotive industry were trying to find replacement material for feed screws to carry axle shafts through shot peening blast cabinets. These screws had previously been supplied as castings, replacement of which was costly and increasingly difficult to find. Falcon developed practices to fabricate the replacement screws from high manganese steel for impact resistance and cost savings.


USA Source - Working with several customers, Falcon developed production practices and has become a major domestic source of shaftless screw flighting made from HSLA steel used to convey and dewater sludge-like materials in large factories and municipal treatment facilities.