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All of our products can be made from a wide variety of metals, including but not limited to: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Abrasion Resistant Steel, and more.

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Our products are manufactured to our customers’ individual custom specifications and designs, which we take great care to protect.

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Products & Services

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    Helicoid Flight

    Helicoid flight is a continuous one-piece helix formed from square or rectangle bar, round bar or cut plate.

  2. 2

    Sectional Flight

    Sectional flights are individual turns, wraps, or segments of wraps formed into a helix.

  3. 3

    Ribbon Flight

    Ribbon flight is a continuous, large diameter one-piece helix formed from bar or cut plate.

  4. 4

    Shaftless Flight

    Shaftless flight is heavier gauge helicoid flight that is produced to outside diameter and pitch specifications with an open center. This product works well when moving sticky products and large sized lumps.

  5. 5

    Complete Screws

    Falcon has the machining and assembly capabilities to manufacture the most complicated and demanding conveyor augers and mixing screws to our customers’ specifications.  Complete screw weldments or augers are produced by mounting helical or sectional flight to a shaft, pipe, flange, hub, posts or other means to turn the screw.

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    Maintenance & Repairs

    One of the inherent problems associated with conveyor screws, augers and auger flighting is wear.  Falcon’s experience and expertise saves our customers time and money by repairing existing assemblies rather than building new.

Falcon Manufactures Challenging Designs

Quality & Precision Define our Work.

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Our News

  1. Taking the Difficulty Out of Working with Abrasion Resistant Steel for Auger Flight

    Abrasion resistant steel fends off wear and tear better than almost any material, making it especially ideal for auger flighting. But that capability isn’t without its drawbacks. Indeed, steel’s abrasion resistance makes it very hard...

    15 Aug, 2016

  2. Warm Weather = Building and Road Construction + Auger Piling

    The warm weather season is fast approaching, and there is perhaps no bigger sign that spring has arrived than road construction and other general construction projects. As the ground unfreezes,

    18 Apr, 2016

  3. $305B Signed Road Construction Bill Sets Greater Need for Auger Piling Equipment

    In early December 2015, President Obama signed a five-year bill that will amount to $305 billion being spent with respect to the nation’s highways and transit routes.

    11 Apr, 2016

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    While much of Caterpillar’s focus over the course of the last year or so has been cost reduction through the elimination of some machine production and the consolidation of company divisions and facilities, growth in demand for its mini...

    Better Roads Magazine | 25 Aug, 2016

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