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Food Preparation Augers

Falcon understands that any equipment that deals with food preparation and food processing must be of the highest quality, and our employee-owners appreciate that this applies to the screws and screw assemblies as well. Falcon Industries can manufacture stainless steel screws and augers, as well as other alloys, and provide the finish required to meet the needs of our partners in this industry.

Mixing and blending screws are required in the food industry for product manufacturing and bread making, as well as for many other types of specialized food processing equipment. Many of our screws can be found around the country assisting operations, such as feed screws, blending, mixers, dewatering, and grinders. Our 40+ years of experience have brought us into several innovative uses for both screw flights and augers, and we continue to meet the challenges of this evolving industry.

Falcon’s Products for Food Processing and Preparation

Falcon serves many different, specialized applications in the Food Preparation industry. Some of those applications include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Bakery Screws
  • Meat Screws
  • Slotted Flight for Washers
  • Ice Cream Mixers
  • Feed Screw
  • Malting Equipment Screws
Grape Auger

We are the premier manufacturer of custom augers and auger flighting for a wide range of uses. Each product is manufactured to the customer’s specifications, ensuring that they receive exactly the product that their equipment requires.

We can work with a wide range of alloys, and we ensure that every product is consistent in its quality and accuracy. And if you need us to repair or build a replacement for your existing screws, we’ve got you covered there too! We can even improve old or obsolete designs, enhancing their performance and overall wear resistance.

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Falcon Industries, Inc. has been manufacturing and supplying innovative augers and auger flighting since 1982. We provide precision, quality, and on-time delivery that ensures that we always meet or exceed customer expectations. For more information about our products and services, or if you’re interested in requesting a quote, don’t hesitate to contact us or request a quote today to get started.