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Augers for Renewable Energy & Recycling

Falcon’s size and experience allows us the flexibility to form flight that is very unique and at low volumes. This attribute allows us to meet the needs of today’s green economy.  Falcon has answered the call for several innovative equipment designers to build flight and complete screws for a variety of recycling and alternative energy applications.

Some of the applications that our products can be found serving include:

  • Scrap Metal Chip Recycling 
  • Recycled Plastic Processing 
  • Waste-to-Energy & Biomass 
  • Construction Piles

Falcon’s Products for Renewable Energy and Recycling Applications

Metal recycling facilities and metalworking machining operations rely on Falcon to supply feed and scrap augers for their production facilities. From the fabrication of replacement chip-removal screws found in their machine tools all the way to screws for central chip processing centers, Falcon offers quality augers and auger flighting to suit all of their needs. We also rebuild their existing chip augers and even repair and re-manufacture complete chip augers as needed so that customers can reuse their drive shafts. 

In plastic recycling facilities, Falcon’s augers are used as feed screws for the grinders, wash lines and sort lines. Our products are also used in many dewatering devices to manage the scrap materials. Recycled plastic can be very abrasive, and Falcon has replaced and upgraded many OEM mild steel augers with AR materials to improve the life and performance of our customers’ equipment. 

In facilities that convert waste into energy, Falcon has built a wide range of industry-specific transfer augers, feed augers, and mixing augers. We work with a variety of materials that are suitable for handling abrasive materials, such as wood chips, shavings, biomass, and other recyclables. 

Another application that our products serve is renewable energy construction projects. Auger piles are preferred in these operations, due to their exceptional displacement ability, minimal site disturbance, and their quick installation. Over the last several years, screw piles have gained popularity in renewable energy construction, especially in solar farms, due to their speedy installation. Falcon’s precision manufacturing capabilities allow us to make accurate augers that are repeatable from auger pile to auger pile, so our customers can be sure that installation and performance will be predictable and reliable.

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