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Sectional Flight Augers

Falcon Industries is a premier manufacturer of a variety of flight styles, including sectional flights. We are experienced experts when it comes to flighting, and offer a number of manufacturing capabilities, and forming capabilities thanks to the variety of press sizes and styles that we developed.

An Overview of Sectional Flights

Sectional flights are individual turns, wraps, or segments of wraps formed into a helix. The cross-section of the sectional auger flight is the same uniform thickness from the OD to the ID.

Sectional flighting is often used when the height, or web, of the flight, is larger than what can be produced with a flat bar in helicoid flight. Sectional flighting can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes. The formability of the base material generally limits the flight dimensions, but Falcon can work with you to overcome these limitations by using multi-piece sections and material options.

Falcon can provide sectional flight with integral spokes, cut and folds, sawtooth edges, and bolt holes for mounting teeth and shoes. Sectional flighting is one of our specialties; we have a breadth of press sizes and styles that allow us to offer a complete range of diameters and thicknesses. Large quantity price breaks are available. Our sectional flighting is perfect to use in cases where extreme auger wear can occur, and individual flights require replacement.

Falcon produces sectional flights in diameters as small as 1-1/2” up to 148” and thicknesses up through 1-1/2”. We can program our plasma machines to cut flight blanks with a precut tapered OD, tapered ID, or both diameters tapered and make a flight that fits a square center shaft.

Ready to get started?

Falcon Industries has been a leading supplier of various custom auger sectional flighting types for several decades. We manufacture all products to our customers’ specifications, striving to meet or exceed their expectations with each project. For more information about our products and services, or if you’re interested in requesting a quote, don’t hesitate to contact us or request a quote today to get started.