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Shaftless Flight Options

Falcon Industries manufactures a range of auger flighting solutions for customers in various industries. For shaftless flighting, we offer our customers innovative and cost-effective conveying solutions, manufacturing multiple bars with different thicknesses and heights and from different materials. For example, we can manufacture the inner flight out of carbon steel and the outer flight from an abrasion-resistant steel.

An Overview of Shaftless Flights

Shaftless flight is a heavier gauge helicoid flight produced to outside diameter and pitch specifications with an open center. The shaftless flighting often lies inside of a trough and is driven at one end by a flange or stub shaft, while the other end may be open or attached to a stub shaft or mounting flange. The advantages of this design include no intermediate bearings, no center pipe, lower maintenance costs, longer life, and increased throughput capacity.

Falcon’s shaftless flighting is excellent for moving sticky products and large-sized lumps. We produce shaftless flight from a single bar or with an “inner and outer” flight construction consisting of multiple bars or “stacked” flight. The flight can also include a combination of helicoid and sectional flight. This offers added cross-section strength and stiffening to the flight and gives us and our customers more versatility in material selection for the inner and outer flights.

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