Helicoid flight is a continuous one-piece helix formed from square or rectangle bar, round bar or cut plate. The cross section of all helicoid flight tapers in thickness from wider on the ID to narrower on the OD due to the flow of steel in the manufacturing process. Falcon’s custom equipment and methods produce helicoid flight with a thicker outside edge and tighter tolerances than traditional flight. Falcon can roll larger helicoid flight diameters up to 36” using flat bar thicknesses up to 1-1/2” and widths up to 6”; and round bars up to 2-1/2” dia.

Helicoid flighting is one continuous length as opposed to sectional flight, which consists of individual turns or segments that need to be welded together. Therefore, Helicoid flight lessens the amount of splices required in assembly and welding when compared to sectional flight. Due to Falcon’s unique equipment, we are able to produce helicoid flight and complete screw products with more consistency, tighter tolerances and at a lower cost than other suppliers.

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