Sectional flights are individual turns, wraps, or segments of wraps formed into a helix. The cross section of sectional auger flight is the same from the OD to the ID. Sectional flighting is often used when the height, or web, of the flight is larger than what can be produced with flat bar in helicoid flight. Sectional flight can be produced to a wide range of sizes, the flight dimensions are generally limited by the formability of the base material, but Falcon can work with you to overcome these limitations through the use of multi-piece sections.

Falcon can provide sectional flight with integral spokes, saving our customers assembly time. We also manufacture sectional flight with bolt hole patterns for mounting wear shoes or knives, bolting flight segments to mounting points or attaching segments to each other. Falcon regularly cuts and forms sectional flighting with slots, notches, saw teeth, tabs and ‘cut and fold’ configurations, or a combination of these features. Falcon has the ability to program our plasma machines to cut flight blanks with a precut tapered OD, tapered ID or both diameters tapered and flight that fits to a square center shaft. Falcon produces sectional flights in diameters as small as 1-1/2” up to 148” and thicknesses up through 1-1/2”.

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